Nelson Figueroa

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Programming/Scripting: Ruby, Python, Bash, Go

Web Technologies: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap CSS, Bulma CSS

Databases: MySQL, SQLite 3, PostgreSQL

Infrastructure: Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, CI/CD (Google Cloud Build, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Spinnaker)

Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform

Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Kali), MacOS, Windows 10

Other: Command Line, Agile/Scrum, Jira, Git, RSpec


California State University, Northridge

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology (2019)

Master of Science in Software Engineering (In Progress)

Open-Source Contributions

Simplified and community-driven “cheat sheet” for command line tools.

Contributed practical examples for the following commands:


Tech: Programming, DevOps/Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Privacy

Hobbies: Videogames, Electric Guitar

Games: Overwatch, Factorio, Red Dead Redemption 2

Shows: Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian, The Eric Andre Show, The Boys, Succession, Invincible, BoJack Horseman

Music: Check out my Bandcamp collection.